Monday, November 8, 2010

IS life's fate extinction?

This is my little haha to my group members because they are being bad students and they want to do homework for other classes rather than this.

As I write this, none of my group members on on the internets to help discuss what our point of view is on this. I'll just go with what my opinion is on it, and they'll have to go along and smile and nod. By this time in the presentation, they should be smiling and nodding because they are such wonderful sports about it.

The best part is that they probably won't check what I've written until it's time to present and then TAH-DAH! this pops up. And they won't be able to do anything about it.

Back on topic.

Life's fate is most definitely extinction. In the 13.7 billion years that we have estimated the universe to be in existence, the Earth has only been around for 4.5 billion years of that and life on Earth just 2 billion.

There have been so many extinctions that killed off more than half of the species and eventually, there will be one that kills life off completely because something or some species ruins it for everyone.

That doesn't mean that somehow, somewhere in the universe, there's other life. But it's unlikely that we'll find them and they'll probably end up going extinct, just like us.

Life will probably continue to pop up in places all over the universe, but they will all inevitably die out.

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